I use the principles of nutrition, Ayurveda, life coaching, yoga and stress reduction resiliency meditation to help women live healthy, passionate and purpose-driven lives. My tailored programs allow women to free themselves from the physical, mental and emotional weight that leaves them feeling stuck, unfulfilled and uninspired.

Recent Posts

Kerri Axelrod at Getaway House

7 Health Benefits of Being in Nature

Motivation in the winter can be tough. Many of us leave for work when it is dark and arrive home from...

Kerri Axelrod Slow Cooker Chicken Soup Recipe

Simple Slow Cooker Chicken Soup

Feeling a bit stuck and stagnant this winter? Try this simple slow cooker chicken soup. The weather in New England has...

Kerri Axelrod in side angle pose at North End Yoga

Lessons I learned in 2017

2017, you were quite the year. I’ve never grown so much, accomplished so much, failed so much, loved and been hurt...


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