A few weeks back I had the honor of hosting four women for a day of wellness and self-care at The Street in Chestnut Hill.

I’m incredibly fortunate to get a lot of opportunities to attend free classes and events, so when The Street approached me about a collaboration to highlight their wellness offerings, I knew I wanted to in some way incorporate and share it with my local readers.
Kerri Axelrod at The Street Chestnut Hill
Giving back, sharing the gift of wellness with others and connecting with local readers is the motivation behind why I write this blog. I can’t work one-on-one with every single person I would like to, so this blog allows me to reach more people then I would ever be able to in my health coaching practice alone.

Sometimes I still can’t believe that part of my work includes designing and curating wellness events for others to enjoy. A million thank yous to The Street for being my partner in this day.

Our day started with a 45-minute class at B-tone Fitness. If you follow me on social media, you know that Pilates and Barre and workouts on the mega-former are my absolute favorite ways to move. B-tone is what I describe as magical combination of all three.  We definitely left feeling sore, but in the best way.

Next we headed a few doors down to YogaWorks to stretch out our sore muscles.  My ideal day always involved some sort of core-centric workout and then yoga so I knew I wanted to incorporate both into our day of wellness.

Kerri Axelrod at YogaWorks

After yoga we strolled down to Tender Greens for some much needed refuel and then to our final destination, MiniLuxe  for luxury manicures. This was my first time eating at Tender Greens and I opted for a warm bowl with steamed veggies and brown rice while some of the girls opted for a salad. I loved that there were options for warm dishes in addition to salads so that I could create a more Ayurvedic friendly meal while being on the go.  


Kerri Axelrod at Tender GreensIt was so nice to have a days worth of wellness all in one location right at our fingertips. We all ended the day feeling incredibly pampered and rejuvenated.

Scroll down to see additional photos from the day.  If you had a day of self-care, how would you choose to spend it?

Kerri Axelrod Tender Greens

Kerri Axelrod Tender GreensKerri Axelrod at MiniLuxe

Kerri Axelrod Tender Greens

Kerri Axelrod at YogaWorks

Thank you The Street for sponsoring the day of wellness and thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible. As always, opinions are my own.