Things in life don’t happen to you. They happen for you.

Misfortune and heartbreak have a way of exposing you to the depths of your resilience.

It’s a stark reminder that the human spirit is capable of thriving even in the midst of darkness.

I promised in my last blog  post that so much good has come out of the upheaval of my life.

An abrupt upheaval of your life has away of forcing you to get clear on your goals. Fast.

It has a way of stripping away every excuse you’ve convinced yourself as real.

The stories of why you can’t do something quickly become irrelevant.

Life handed me a blank canvas. Again.

It was mine to fill. I could attempt to piece back together my old life. A life that provided me stability but didn’t fill my soul or I could leave nearly every piece of that life behind and vulnerably expose myself to the utter rawness of creating something new.

To step towards the life I envision.

I chose the later.

What Has Changed?

In March I started the first part of my training to become an Ayurvedic Health Counselor. A program that I’ve wanted to do for three years. 

Yes, three years.

Next month I also begin my foundational level classes for my MS in Nutrition.

I’ll be taking classes locally in Boston through the fall and then plan to transfer those credits into an MS program specifically focused on Functional Nutrition.

I’m also currently beginning the process of looking for positions within a functional medicine practice in one of my dream cities (Miami, LA or NYC).

What Does this Mean for You?

In the coming months, expect to not only see more content, but expanded content as well.

This blog with slowly transition from solely focusing on “what I eat” to sharing overall nutritional content and tips, specifically the intersection of Functional Nutrition and Ayurveda.

You may see posts pop up containing ingredients and products that nutritionally do not serve me at this moment but have nourishing properties for others.

Ayurveda teaches us that each person’s body needs different nourishment at different times and as I continue on with my studies, I will be sharing this content with you.

If you’re also going through transitions in your life, do not hesitate to reach out to me at