This summer, I’ve been trying to get out of Boston as much as possible on the weekends and explore some of my favorite spots in New England.   

I absolutely love exploring the small, quaint and charming towns along the New England coastline. I always feel a sense of nostalgia when I drive along the coast as it reminds me of spending time with my family growing up and as soon as I exit off the highway, I instantly feel the hectic pace of city life literally melt from my shoulders. 

I love the convenience of city life but the more time I spend out of the city, the more attune I become to the stress and tension I hold in my body just from simply living in an environment with so much stimulation. One of the greatest anecdotes to stress and anxiety is spending more time in nature so spending time at the beach or in a coastal town on the water is some of my most potent medicine.

Earlier in July, I headed to Newport, RI, with two blogger and fitness friends, Ana and Sarah. I’ve spent time in Newport with my family growing up so I was excited to explore it with friends this time around.

We left Boston on a Thursday morning with the intention to get into Newport early and go to the beach but as New England weather would have it, it was grey and overcast for our entire trip. We spent the night at The Attwater (seriously incredible) and most of our time eating and walking around the shops downtown. 

One of my favorite parts about exploring this picturesque city was trying the healthy cafes and restaurants. A lot of these places were recommended by friends and you guys on Instagram, so thank you to everyone who commented. I so appreciate the help! 

Here’s a brief round up on healthy travel guide in Newport, RI. 

Healthy Travel: StayKerri Axelrod stayed with friends at the hotel, the Attwater in Newport Rhode Island as included in her healthy travel guide.

The Attwater

The rooms at the Attwater are bright, spacious and decorated with pops of color, which I found refreshing from the sometimes overdone nautical theme. The hotel is situated roughly in between downtown and the beaches and has a gorgeous secluded back deck, which was the perfect place to hang out and unwind before dinner on Thursday evening and relax in the morning when we woke up on Friday.  In the summer, the hotel also offers outdoor yoga classes on the deck on Thursdays with local instructors, which is complimentary for guests. 

After eating lunch, walking around downtown and checking in, the three of us took the complimentary yoga class and it ended up being just us so the instructor was able to customize the class based on our requests.Kerri Axelrod with friends at Lark Hotels, the Attwater in Newport Rhode Island as part to her healthy travel guide.

Healthy Travel: Eat

Kerri Axelrod recommends vegan pizza and kale salad at the Salvation Cafe restaurant in Rhode Island in her healthy travel guide to Newport.

Salvation Cafe

The Salvation Cafe was a restaurant that virtually everyone recommended. The three of us were hesitant at first since the menu is not posted online, but since we had recommendations from so many people, we decided to give it a try for a casual dinner on Thursday evening and the three of us were happy we did! The vibe is super low key and beachy, exactly what we wanted after a full day of driving and walking around.

I love seafood restaurants since I can usually find something that is gluten and dairy free, but Ana is a vegan and the Salvation Café was happy to accommodate all of our dietary needs.

To start I got a modified version of the kale salad and Ana and Sarah got the flatbread pizza without cheese. For my main entrée, I modified the Quinoa Bowl. I didn’t feel like drinking because I was exhausted from the day, but the Salvation Cafe has a large outdoor bar and fire pit area that I’ll definitely be back to next time I’m in Newport.

Sangria at the Salvation Cafe restaurant, as recommended by Kerri Axelrod in her  healthy travel guide to Rhode Island

Empire Tea and Coffee

I’m always on the hunt for Matcha when I’m traveling and it’s surprisingly harder to find outside the city so I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon Empire Tea and Coffee. We ended up here twice during our stay. The cafe also has unsweetened almond milk. 

Raw Power Juice

I’d been to Raw Power of Juice once before when I spent the day in Newport with my sister a few years ago so knew it was good and when a few of you recommended it again, I knew I wanted to go back. I customized my own green smoothie but the smoothie is pretty extensive so there are plenty of ingredient options if you also want to do your own thing. I grabbed my smoothie to-go and would likely do the same again if I went back because it wasn’t a place I could see myself sitting down and being at for a while. 

Have you been to Newport?  What are your favorite healthy spots?  Leave a comment below and I’ll update the post next time I’m there with some of your suggestions. For more healthy travel guide tips, check out my Healthy Travel Guide to New York City.