Join me on the Find Your Inner Compass Yoga Retreat  February 1-3, 2019 at Angels Rest Retreat Center in Leyden, MA. Use code “Kerri” for $75.00 off the retreat price. Read about my experience on the retreat last year below.

I’ll rarely ever say that one event alone has the power to single-handedly change your life. Rather, I believe that small changes, in fact daily changes, made over time change your life. This is not exactly a “sexy” message in the wellness world – one that’s overly filled with promises of instant gratification – yet, this philosophy is why so many of my clients have been able to sustain their healthy habits and weight loss over time instead being trapped in the failing diet cycle.

So yes, the title of this blog post is a bit of an overstatement, but one event can be a catalyst to help propel all of the small, daily actions into accomplishing your goals.

How a yoga retreat changed my life

I’ve been on several yoga retreats and trainings, ranging from tropical locations in Costa Rica to the mountains of Vermont, and while I learned something from each and every retreat, none of them were a catalyst to change the direction of my life. That is until I went on the Find Your Inner Compass Retreat last winter with my teacher Siri Bani Kaur as well as Sarah Brassard.

Last year I was at crossroads (you can read a bit about what happened here)
In addition to my home being in upheaval, I spent the last two and a half years building my blog and my business while working full-time and then part-time at PR agency. I had given myself a three-year deadline to leave that job, and my timeline was quickly approaching.

I had been talking about studying Ayurveda and going back to school to become a Registered Dietitian for years but I wasn’t taking any action.

Sound familiar? Big changes can paralyze us. They can make us feel stuck.

But here’s the thing though, when were truly committed to our goals, and when we are moving forward every single day and taking real, concrete action; people, experiences, things, etc. come into our lives to help propel us where we need to go.

I found the Find Your Inner Compass retreat when I honestly just needed a weekend away from city life. The two-hour drive from Boston to the Berkshires made it the perfect, easy choice to settle in for a few days.

What I didn’t realize was that my weekend escape would change my life. Through the course of the Kundalini focused retreat, we went on a journey to discover our deepest desires, how to put those desires into action, and when we will accomplish our desires over the course of the next year. For me that was 2018.

Through the meditations and accompanying self-development exercises, how I would accomplish my goals for the entire year became crystal clear. In January, I laid out that I would start my Ayurvedic training in the spring, leave my job by the summer, and begin school by the fall, amongst a few other goals. All of these goals natural played out over the year. There was no forcing. Changes that I’d had been stuck on for years began flow effortlessly.

Sounds pretty incredible right? This retreat can be the catalyst for you as well!

Join Me This Year

Join me this year on the Find Your Inner Compass Retreat! I’ll be assisting Siri Bani Kaur and Sarah Brassard as well as holding an introduction to Ayurveda and winter wellness discussion. If you’ve been curious about Ayurveda or how to use food and lifestyle changes to help beat the winter blues so you can thrive, instead of just survive this winter, this session is for you!

If you’re ready, if you’re truly ready to step into your purpose. Join us on the retreat this year February 1-3, 2019.

Register here:
Use code “Kerri” or $75.00 off the retreat price.

See you in the Berkshires February 1-3!