The Need for a Getaway

Life’s been the messiest most beautiful whirlwind since recently expanding my entrepreneurial journey. You can read more about that here.

The beauty of this entrepreneurial path? Projects beyond my wildest dreams have floated their way into my inbox and as effortlessly have the projects have come in, I’ve said yes, without hesitation, to almost everything that I’ve resonated with deeply.

The messy part? I’m still figuring out this new flow of life and the many, many moving parts that make it all happen.

Almost without notice, over the last few months, I’ve found myself spending too many hours at my desk, working late into the night and rushing from one project or job to the next, without a moment to exhale or connect to the slower rhythm of the New England winter season.

With the intensity of life, I’ve found myself confined by the four walls of my apartment but craving more freedom and space to breath.

I knew it was time to escape, unplug and unwind for a bit as I welcomed a 36-hour respite with Getaway House.

Kerri Axelrod's fire at Getaway House in New Hampshire

Getaway House

The Getaway Houses are a collection of tiny, minimal cabins about 1 hour and 30 minutes north of Boston in Southern New Hampshire, the perfect and easily accessible distance to literally transport yourself into the outdoors.

Much to my over-taxed schedule’s delight, Getaway House took the heavy lifting and planning out of camping. Each house is equipped with a stovetop and fridge, heat, wool blankets, a shower, tableware, a fire pit and a picnic table.

The only thing for me to-do was pack warm clothes, healthy food and get myself there.

Kerri Axelrod making breakfast at Getaway House in New Hampshire

A Quick Refresh
I used this getaway to hit the refresh button, to take a break from my day-to-day routine, reconnect to myself and enjoy some much needed fresh air and Vitamin D.

Upon pulling up to my cabin on the first night, my nervous system let out a sigh of relief as I drank in the fresh frigid early December New England air, and for the next two days, time stood still.

The sun rose around 7:30 AM and set by 4:30 PM, allowing just the perfect amount of daylight for me on the first day to cook, huddle around the fire and explore the grounds before retuning to my cabin to curl up in bed, read and journal before getting some much needed rest.

In the quite stillness of the winter, it was hard not to see how the hustle and busyness of my schedule was in stark contrast to the cycle of nature that invites you to slowly draw inwards with its darkened days. In just two nights, my sleep cycle began to sync with the rising and setting of the sun, allowing for deep, restful sleep.

Before entering back into city life, I made a stop in Concord, NH, to hike through the Carter Hill Orchard Trail. As the sun peaked through the barren trees and the first snow of the season began to cover the trails, I could instantly feel my mood elevate and stress levels continue to decline as I began to soak in some Vitamin D (which is notably absent from our urban lives in the winter as we scurry from one place to the next in a hurry to minimize our time outside in the cold).

As I walked the trail, and allowed the feeling of expansiveness to overcome me, I made a pact with myself to get out of the city more this winter. To ditch the gym routine when I can and go enjoy the beauty exists in my own backyard.

Thank you Getaway House for reminding me of the beauty of New England in the winter.

Thank you Getaway House for sponsoring this post and thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible.  As always, opinions are my own.