Living the life of your dreams is never just about the food you eat or being the perfect size. A number on a scale is just that unless it's accompanied by a diet and lifestyle that truly nourishes you. It’s about loosing the weight you carry on your body, in your mind, and through your life.

For us to have a successful working relationship, these things are very important:

You dream about what it would be like to enjoy delicious food without guilt and want to wake up every morning excited about life but are confused about exactly how to make this happen.

You’re fiercely committed to becoming the healthy and vibrant person you know you can be.

You have a desire to feel healthy, happy, free and alive, yet you find yourself feeling stuck, weighed down and with a desire live life more fully. You have a big vision for what your life could be like if you didn’t wake up every day feeling tired, sluggish, anxious, overwhelmed and burnt-out. (I’ve been there.)


  • Kerri's work starts with food but extends far beyond that. She taught me not only how to fuel my body to meet my individual needs, but helped me take a good hard look at how I was living my life and find a pathway to change the habits that were no longer serving me. It wasn’t always easy, but Kerri’s approach enabled me to have the time and energy to live the life I knew I wanted.
    Heather B.
    Coaching Client
  • If I could only use one word to describe Kerri it would be “phenomenal.” I have worked with a lot of people and in many different capacities. I have not come across anyone who has motivated me enough to take action so swiftly in every area of my life.

    Working with Kerri I have lost 18 pounds and kept it off. My extreme case of anxiety has disappeared. I have gotten back to my yoga mat and even added a new enjoyable fitness class to my routine because I was willing to try something new. Kerri helped me regain a positive attitude and open heart. I have learned how to communicate more effectively with my partner and I feel like I am back to “normal’ again. I am more confident, stronger and more determined than ever.

    Renee W.
    Coaching Client
  • Kerri and I met under the most serendipitous of circumstances and I couldn’t be more grateful. When I started working with her,  I couldn’t remember a time when I wasn’t on some kind of diet or exercise plan that required counting, measuring or otherwise controlling every detail. Kerri opened my eyes to the real meaning of nutrition and enabled me to see that what was really missing from my life was self-love and genuine, authentic joy. Kerri encouraged me to trust myself, to let go of the diet mentality, and to seek self-acceptance. She taught me how to focus on what serves me and to balance my needs with those of others. Although I still have work to do, I have accomplished more than I ever thought possible with Kerri’s help. Kerri is a supportive, patient and knowledgeable professional who will undoubtedly change your life.

    Cate K.
    Coaching Client
  • Kerri guides you through the process well, asks tough questions and suggests small, goal-oriented solutions that are attainable. I am so grateful to have gone through this process with her. It really made me acknowledge my weaknesses and realize that there are many tools available to help me. I have a better body image than I’ve ever had before. I’ve learned to make meditation a daily priority, prepare my kitchen for success and understand that I have a choice in my happiness and well-being. I no longer feel like life is happening to me. I am now in charge.

    Shane T.
    Coaching Client
  • I’ve worked with Kerri over the last year and as a result of our work together, I feel less stressed and more confident in many aspects of my life. I’m more focused on the underlying causes of my cravings, and using better judgment for meals. I’m feeling more confident in myself in regards to career, personal life, etc. and overall happier with the choices I make.

    Jessica S.
    Coaching Client